Big Saturday Read: The river at the base of the pyramid – young people & elections in Zimbabwe


Alex T. Magaisa

“I’m 35 and I have never voted. I nearly registered in 2013 but they closed while I was in the queue. I haven’t decided what to do in 2018. But what’s the point really, when they never accept defeat?” That was Tatenda, a young mother of 2 who lives in Glen Norah, …

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Zimbabwean women in social media spaces: a critical analysis of the potential and challenges facing women in social media-based democratic struggles

Women in struggle
Sibusisiwe Bhebhe Often during revolutions women’s contributions in effecting social change are conveniently forgotten, convoluted and twisted to suit the dominant narratives. Sometimes they are trivialised. In some cases, they are completely erased from the history books. At best, they
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Scandalising Joice Mujuru: The toxic mix of patriarchy and misogyny in Zimbabwean politics


Alex T. Magaisa

The Sunday Mail today carried stories which severely attacked and scandalised Joice Mujuru, the former Vice President of Zimbabwe who now heads her own party, Zimbabwe People First. The attacks are consistent with the pattern in recent weeks, where state media has been at the forefront of a revisionist agenda in which Mujuru and her late husband, …

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